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Gude & Co Ltd can help you find the ideal solution for your next project. With the sheer number of stainless steel grades and forms available, having an expert to help highlight options and potential pitfalls is an excellent way to ensure you’re getting optimal value for stainless steel investment. Gude & Co Ltd will leverage our experience to help guide you through the purchasing process. Call us to discuss your needs of stainless steel and how stainless steel can help you reach your goals.

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Features & Specs

  1. Wide variety of colours in mirror, hairline, antique and embossed.
  2. Easy fabrication in bending and cutting in any desired shape and size without damaging the finish.
  3. Minimum Order Quantities are managed by us for customers for even small scale project requirements.
  4. Long durability of colour and finish.
  5. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications.
  6. Unlimited applications from furniture, kitchen cabinets, household appliances, to luxury interior and exterior decoration, staircases, and public utility products like waste paper bins etc.
  7. Cut-to-size sheets available so customer can directly use the sheets for their application rather than sending to processing centres.

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Our approach to each project makes the best result, which differentiates Gude & Co Ltd being recognized as a stand-out company from other field players. A thorough inspection will be carried out by our professionals, that will lead your projects to the best possible result. The clear identification of customized need and its realization potential is being professionally evaluated and consulted.


We provide personalized planning service by bringing together the resources and the vast experience, which we gained from our past successful projects. We have the advanced technical as well as human resources, who will be consulting, advising and preparing the planning for your project, which will give you the quality and stunning outcome to your full happiness and project execution satisfaction.


Standardized customized solutions aligned to international / national norms manufactured and product equipment supply as single items as well as complete turnkey project. We are able to take over new projects and start from the project development phase, any replacement project or the maintenance of already existing. The personalized designing for your project will provide you an entire scope of the project techno-commercially. Gude & Co Ltd is known for offering immense flexibility to our clients underlined by designing skills for your project needs.

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  • Decorative sector:

Structural and ornamental tubes produce mainly for the decorative market. Possible applications: bicycle racks, tracks, handrails, stairways, windows structures, door frames, handles, food jails, rollers, rails, racks, headrests, rearview mirrors, furniture applications, etc.

  • Automotive sector:

Specially used on the different automotive applications such as: exhaust tubes, coach and bus chassis, tankers, dump trucks, seat structures, handrails, tubes for ramps and platforms, footrests, automotive accessories, etc.

  • Commercial Kitchen Sector

Stainless steel’s combination of excellent corrosion resistance, high durability, broad temperature tolerances, and lightweight make it an exceptional choice for use in today’s cramped and fast-paced food service environments.

Easy clean-up, minimal interaction with ingredients, and the ability to customize finishes make it popular both in the front and back of the house.

Choosing different stainless steel grades provides added flexibility for both costs and appearance, allowing restaurants and kitchens to optimize performance and price.

While following basic stainless steel maintenance routines is a simple way to extend the life of stainless steel kitchen components, consulting with local regulations is essential to ensuring compliance with any safety and sanitation requirements.

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